Aims & Objects

The broad aims and objects of the Maulana Azad Memorial Academy, Lucknow are as follows:

  • To inspire our countrymen with the ideas and ideals of our national leaders who fought for the independence of India.
  • To document the contributions of Maulana Azad to literature philosophy political thought, social reform, education, etc.
  • To organise seminars and research on the composite culture of India and its historical roots.
  • To collect the writings of and about Maulana Azad and thereby facilitate research on his life and writings.
  • To organize activities to further the ideals of patriotism, secularism and intellectual integrity which characterized the life of Maulana Azad.
  • To facilitate the setting up of other institutions for furthering secularism and progressive thinking in the life of the Indian community and to organise lectures, symposia and seminars in his memory.


In its establishment since 1978, Maulana Azad Memorial Academy has envisioned to promote Maulana Azad's unfalling patriotic and democratic values, educational ideals, and his principles of National Integration and Communal Harmony among the Indians. It seeks to highlight Azad's sacrifices for India in the political, social, educational and religious realms and his invaluable services as the First Education Minister of independent India.

The academy aims and strives to introduce this towering figure of Indian political scenario afresh to the modern generation by actively holding seminars for discussions and debates, organizing educational contests in schools and colleges and publishing books and the monthly journal, Azad Academy Journal.

Azad Academy Journal, a monthly journal published by the academy in the English, Hindi and Urdu languages aims to further Azad's ideals, sacrifices and contributions through academic research to a wider public in India and abroad.

From a broader perspective, Maulana Azad Memorial Academy endeavours to realize a society and nation of secular and scientific temperament as envisioned by Azad decades ago.